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Telemedicine Information Exchange (TIE)

This is an “unbiased and all inclusive” website for telemedicine and telehealth. It provides links and information to the telemedicine community through articles, news, vendors, and data collection.

Telemedicine Today

This site is a news and information website for the telemedicine industry. It is written for telemedicine professionals, doctors, hospital administrators, healthcare information specialists, industry vendors, consultants, policy makers, and others. Telemedicine Today covers matters relevant to clinical applications, networking, business models, legal and regulatory updates, telemedicine program profiles, and industry news. The magazine works with the following organizations:

The American Telemedicine Association
Society for Computer Applications in Radiology
Association of Telehealth Service Providers
American College of Chest Physicians
International Society for Telemedicine
College of Healthcare Information Management Executives
The Health Sciences Communication Association
American Medical Informatics Association

The American Telemedicine Association

The Association is a resource and an advocate and promotes access to medical care for consumers and health professionals via telecommunications technology. Its purpose is to bring together different segments from traditional medicine, academic medical centers, technology and telecommunications companies, e-health, medical societies and the government. Its purpose is to address the problems that stand in the way of the advancement of telemedicine and improvement in the health care delivery. The Association implements these objectives by educating, serving as a clearing house for information and services, and networking a nd collaboration with other interests in medicine and technology.

Office for the Advancement of Telehealth

The Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA) is a government agency under the Department of Health and Human Resources that works to increase and improve the use of telehealth to meet the needs of people underserved by the traditional health care system. It includes people living in rural and remote areas, as well as the low income, the uninsured, and those enrolled in Medicaid.

HRSA partnership with other Federal agencies, states and private sector groups to create telehealth projects; administers telehealth grant programs; provides technical assistance, and evaluates the use of telehealth technologies and programs.

TeleMedicine Information Exchange

I-Med is the Internet Medicine Company. Formed by physicians, health informaticists, network and telecommunication experts, we have the goal of educating health care professionals about all facets of digital medicine.

Our current projects include work on telemedicine, medical Internet publishing, virtual medical records, and CME over the Internet. We serve as information brokers on the Health Information Highway by putting medical content on the WWW and giving it value.

iMed offers services, products, and consulting services. It is a business that markets and provides Internet medicine introductory seminars, CME over the Web, Medical Practice Web site development, Medical Web site hosting, Specialty specific hotlists, Moderated sub-specialty discussions, Sponsorship of sub-specialty hotlists, Custom medicals information searches, TeleMedicine and Virtual Clinics Secure patient records on the Web, Online healthcare publishing, and Digital medical services marketing. iMed claims it has developed over 1000 web pages comprising more than 30 different web sites.

Bioinformatics Resources link

ZLab is a site that links and contains bioinformatics resources that are found on the Internet. The categories are: Nucleotide Databases, Protein Databases, Sequence Similarity Searching, Sequence Alignment, Genome Browsers, Genome Databases, Transcript Databases, Genome-scale Analysis, Protein Domains and Motifs, Motif Finding . Protein 3D Structure . Transmembrane Helices . RNA Folding, Phylogeny and Taxonomy, Gene Prediction, Comparative Gene Prediction, Gene Expression, Gene Regulation, Biomolecular Networks, Miscellaneous Databases, Miscellaneous Tools, Computational Resources, Information, Journals, and Other Lists.

Bioinformatics Algorithms link

This site contains links for Dynamic Programming Algorithms which are used for finding shortest paths in graphs, and in many other optimization problems. Also within the comparison or alignment of strings (as in Biological DNA, RNA and protein sequence analysis, speech recognition and shape comparison) they are often called dynamic programming algorithms (DPA).

National Center for Biotechnology Information, PubMed and BLAST programs available.

NCBI is a national resource for molecular biology information. Its mission is to develop new information technologies and to aid the understanding of molecular and genetic processes involved in health and disease. It creates automated systems for storing and analyzing knowledge about molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics. It aids in the use of these databases and software by the research and medical community. It coordinates efforts to gather biotechnology information worldwide and performs research into advanced methods of computer-based information processing for analyzing the structure and function of biologically important molecules. NCBI conducts research using mathematical and computational methods.


This is a website designed to enhance the telemedicine community by enabling sharing and learning from each other as telemedicine continues to grow as a system. It intends to provide news, a forum, a calendar of events and links.

Digital Imaging Communications

A standard method to allow interoperability and interconnection between medical imaging devices as well as a standard format (similar to JPEG) used to transfer medical images. DICOM is both a standard that allows different pieces of medical equipment communicate with one another and a type of image file. DICOM images can only be viewed with a DICOM viewer. This link redirects to Animal Insides.com and is the independent is for the veterinary market. The information on the pages is about informed digital radiography purchasing decision and consulting service.

InSite One Inc. is a service provider offering digital imaging storage and archiving solutions to the medical community. InSite's InDex service integrates with any DICOM-compliant PACS component as well as hospital networks and information systems.

Insite One promotes its medical information as critical knowledge that helps doctors make split-second decisions that save lives. It is a provider of medical image storage and distribution services. It has over 400 contracted sites and over 900 million images stored. InSiteOne says it delivers fast, accurate access to digital medical images no matter when and where you need them.

InSite One is a service that offers digital image storage and archiving for the medical community. It offers hospitals, imaging centers and physicians a secure method for contracting the warehousing, storage and access of digital radiological images.

PACSpage: PACS / DICOM Teleradiology

A page having DICOM Standard Status, ACR- teleradiology Standard, MedWeb: Telemedicine, DICOM Conformance Survey - database, HL7 Image Management SIG Home This site goes to page called "PACSpage(SM) is devoted more to PACS / DICOM". Many of the links are no longer working. The information and links are to Picture Archiving and Communications Systems.

The following is a description of PACS from Wikipedia: "PACS replaces hard-copy based means of managing medical images, such as film archives. It expands on the possibilities of such conventional systems by providing capabilities of off-site viewing and reporting (distance education, tele-diagnosis). Additionally, it enables practitioners at various physical locations to access the same information simultaneously, (teleradiology). With the decreasing price of digital storage, PACS systems provide a growing cost and space advantage over film archives.

PACS is offered by virtually all the major medical imaging equipment manufacturers, medical IT companies and many independent software companies.

The most difficult area for PACS is interpreting the DICOM image format. DICOM has enough latitude to allow various vendors of medical imaging equipment to create DICOM compliant files that differ in the internal tags used to label the data and the metadata. A feature common to most PACS is to read the metadata from all the images into a central database. This allows the PACS user to retrieve all images with a common feature no matter the originating instrument. The differences between vendors DICOM implementations make this a difficult task.

Typically a PACS network consists of a central server that stores a database containing the images connected to one or more clients via a LAN or a WAN which provides or utilizes the images. Web-based PACS is becoming more and more common: these systems utilize the Internet as their means of communication, usually via VPN (Virtual Private Network) or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). The software (thin or smart client) is loaded via ActiveX, Java, or .NET Framework. Definitions vary, but most claim that for a system to be truly web based, each individual image should have its own URL. Client workstations can use local peripherals for scanning image films into the system, printing image films from the system and interactive display of digital images. PACS workstations offer means of manipulating the images (crop, rotate, zoom, brightness, contrast and others).

Modern radiology equipment, modalities, feed patient images directly to the PACS in digital form. For backwards compatibility, most hospital imaging departments and radiology practices employ a film digitizer.

A full PACS system should provide a single point of access for images and their associated data (i.e. it should support multiple modalities). It should also interface with existing hospital information systems: hospital information system (HIS) and radiology information system (RIS).

Interfacing between multiple systems provides a more consistent and more reliable dataset.

OPRAX Medical International

A medical and radiological equipment vendor. It is primarily focused on PACS systems and solutions for the medical community.

PACS Hospital Management

An enterprise not just a radiology system. Hospitals are evaluating PACS technology. Page not found. The site however is SPG Media PLC - HospitalManagement.Net whose mission is to provide senior executives, decision-makers and business communities throughout the world with information and services, by communicating industry developments, offering informed opinion and promoting our customers' products and services. SPG Media has created a network of publications, websites, forums and conferences in more than 20 vertical markets. These are business resources.

Cheyenne Radiology & MRI's PACS

Information and Download site. They originally introduced teleradiology to the Cheyenne area in the mid 1990's. This system allowed the local hospitals and several clinical sites to send patient images electronically to the radiologists for interpretation during "off" hours such as evenings, weekends and holidays, ensuring that patient image evaluations were not only available at all times but expedited as well. We then brought PACS to Cheyenne and the surrounding communities for the first time in our ever increasing commitment to quality patient care.

Viztek's Onyx-RAD medical PACS

Encompasses a powerful suite of digital radiology tools to achieve the integrated patient database, imaging and communications system. The main site is solutions, products and services for the medical community and telemedicine.

Medical Data Networks PACS System

Mar-Net Inc. is a medical data network site. They are in the field of medical imaging data processing, medical imaging storage and medical imaging communication. They install and maintain PACS and Teleradiology systems.


This is the site for NEMA's Digital Imaging and Communications In Medicine. They establish the DICOM standard that is now specified a network protocol utilizing TCP/IP, defined the operation of Service Classes beyond the simple transfer of data, and created a mechanism for uniquely identifying Information Objects as they are acted upon across the network. DICOM was also structured as a multi-part document in order to facilitate. The sitegive information and links to the purpose, products, processes, and assistance for global technology information standards.

The Diacom Group

This website is to market the Diacom Group's "Information Capture and Business Communications" solutions. They enable "Business Process Automation" by managing the transformation and exchange of business critical information. The purpose is to avoid or reduce costly manual data entry and to increase efficiency and cost-savings.

The the website says that more than 10,000 companies in over 60 countries are using their products and services.


Features DD DICOM software that imports and exports medical images by following Part 10 of the DICOM 3.0 standard. Dicom Solutions is a distributor with installations at over 450 imaging centers and hospitals. Dicom provides digital data/content solutions for archiving, storage and distribution requirements. Dicom Solutions are DICOM and PACS system solutions that integrating technologies into a cohesive solution for the Medical Industries.


A protocol for formatting, transmitting and receiving data in a healthcare environment. Health Level Seven is one of several American National Standards Institute (ANSI) -accredited Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) operating in the healthcare. The site states that, "Most SDOs produce standards (sometimes called specifications or protocols) for a particular healthcare domain such as pharmacy, medical devices, imaging or insurance (claims processing) transactions. Health Level Seven's domain is clinical and administrative data".

It is a not-for-profit volunteer organization. Its members who are providers, vendors, payers, consultants, government groups and others with an stake in the development and advancement of clinical and administrative standards for healthcare, develop these standards.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1996.

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) website, Title I of HIPAA protects health insurance coverage for workers and their families when they change or lose their jobs.

Title II of HIPAA, the Administrative Simplification (AS) provisions, requires the establishment of national standards for electronic health care transactions and national identifiers for providers, health insurance plans, and employers.

The AS provisions also address the security and privacy of health data. The standards are meant to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the nation's health care system by encouraging the widespread use of electronic data interchange in the US health care system.

The HIPAA Summit conference series provides understanding of the complex requirements of federal and state law and gives strategies for compliance. The Summit focuses on crucial issues of the implementation of transactions, code sets and identifiers and the security rule, and features practical case studies from the field, including presentations by leading privacy, security and compliance officers from around the country. The Summit will address the financial, operational and technical issues to comply with the technical requirements of the law and to integrate new technologies in order to enhance the efficiency, quality and accessibility of healthcare services.

hipaa Academy

HIPAA Academy was the first organization to introduce a certification and training program of the HIPAA regulation. It is endorsed by the American Hospital Association (AHA). The exams are hands-on. The HIPAA Academy training is set up to enable healthcare, technology and other professionals to thoroughly understand the regulation and review solutions for meeting established requirements.

IMCO Technologies

A supplier of HIS, RIS, PACS, Teleradiology and other medical imaging products. IMCO Technologies is a site that offers picture archiving and communications system (PACS)solutions to hospitals, imaging centers and orthopaedic practices. They provide solutions with fast image retrieval speed, easy to learn and use software, and built within industry standards.


A provider of "connected" medical devices, peripherals and software used in telemedicine. AMD Telemedicine is a supplier of medical peripherals used in telemedicine. AMD sells clinical diagnostic devices and has over 5000 installations in 68 countries. AMD offers products designed for telemedicine. AMD offers a variety of medical peripherals to support different types of physical assessment. The basic diagnostic devices are the AMD-2500 General Examination Camera, the AMD-ENT set, and the AMD electronic stethoscopes. The AMD-2500 General Examination Camera is specifically designed for supporting telemedicine physical examination with a build-in light source, magnification, and a 4 button operation. The AMD ENT set makes it possible for the distant examiner to see the tympanic membrane on a full size color screen. A basic exam calls for listening to the patient's heart, lung and abdominal sounds. The AMD family of stethoscopes provide the distant examiner the sounds, with the ability to turn up the volume and select frequency.

In addition to the basic equipment to support an examination, AMD offer an assortment of medical devices to assist in telemedicine examination of the eye, heart, lungs, and abdomen such as the AMD Opthalmoscope, AMD-5500 Laptop Based Ultrasound, and the AMD-3875 ECG, AMD spirometer.

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